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Are you looking for a modern wedding ceremony with a relaxed &

light-hearted vibe?

Siobhan Adams     Marriage Celebrant

Hello and welcome to my website!


I’m Siobhan, a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant and a warm congratulations to you if you've recently become engaged!


I provide modern, upbeat and quality Ceremony Services in the Gold Coast / Byron Bay regions and although I’m based in this stunning location, I am legally authorised to perform marriage and other ceremonies anywhere in Australia and I am certainly happy to travel or fly for a pair of Lovebirds! X

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"Love is Love and marriage is about uniting two people"

My values:

I believe, simply in, fairness for all and I also love poetry, therefore I feel as though my values could be summed up in the following acrostic poem:


F - Freedom To Love

A - Adaptability In An Ever Changing World

I - Inspire The Next Generation With Our Actions

R - Respect For All. 



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I, of course, do not discriminate based on religion, race or orientation and one day soon, I hope that a statement such as this will not need to be stated, but will just be readily and obviously understood by all. Love is Love.

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