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Wedding, Renewal and Commitment Ceremonies can be made more interactive for you and your guests by incorporating a RITUAL.


This can become a very memorable moment from your ceremony but could also become a family tradition that continues on for generations to come!


There are many different rituals to choose from (and if you're feeling creative - you can design your own!).


Today, I'm highlighting THE EXACT OPPOSITE of "What's New" - as the title of this page states - I'm going to write about a VERY OLD wedding ritual -


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You may choose to celebrate your commitment to each other with a handfasting ceremony, or to include a handfasting ritual as part of  your commitment ceremony.

The word "handfasting" has its roots in Old Norse - "hand festa" aka to to strike a contractual agreement by clasping hands. 

The central ritual of a handfasting ceremony is the binding together of the hands of the couple as a symbol and pledge of their commitment to each other and a visual demonstration that they are from that moment on, bound together as one united pair:)

You can choose from several different ribbon/cord combinations that I have hand - woven myself.

I am also able to weave different styles and colours, upon request, to match the theme you have chosen for your amazing and unique day.

This ancient  Celtic custom of handfasting gained renewed popularity last century and while  the revived rite is seen as the preferred marriage ceremony of pagan couples the ritual has become part of mainstream Wedding, Renewal and Commitment ceremonies, alike.











More Ritual Selections:

Aboriginal Smoke Ceremony ~ Sand Blending Ceremony ~ Tea Sharing Ceremony ~ Unity Candle Ceremony ~ Sharing of Wine Ceremony ~ Any other Tradition of your choice!










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